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Insulating Boiler - Armaflex Anyone?

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  • Insulating Boiler - Armaflex Anyone?

    Hi All,

    I'm doing a rebuild on a Bezzera 99, and after reading all the insulation threads here, it sounds like a good idea.

    I visited a refrigeration engineering shop today, and they suggested either:

    -Self-Adhesive Armaroll (like a tape) 50mm wide, and about 3mm thick, doing a few wraps around. (About $30)

    -or they can order in a sheet of 13mm (1/2inch) Armaflex sheet, fire-rated. 1m x 1.5m, for around $90.

    From their catalogue info they couldn't confirm it was "HT" but they were very confident that the fire rating means that its safe beyond 120deg.
    They also use it for high-temp, leave-in-place building work.

    So before I went ahead, I thought I'd run it up the flagpole here..
    Any thoughts,
    Or anyone want a piece of sheet?

    The Bezzera boiler is 20cm tall and 30cm in circumference.
    If I was to cut a sheet into six 50x50cm pieces it might be a good investment at $15/piece.

    Fire back at me!

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    Looked at regular armaflex a while ago, spec sheet says the max temp is 105. Didnt know about HT armaflex before but that says its good to 150, IMO avoid the regular, get the HT or find something else.


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      Fire rating could just mean it won't burn, or will withstand fire for a given amount of time; I wouldn't take that as meaning it's good high temperature thermal insulation.

      Maybe speak to someone who specialises in heat conservation insulation?

      You could always try something like the kevlar or glass fibre wrap that people wrap around exhausts perhaps (although fitting it in the space might be an issue).


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        Go 'up' to the 'stickies' in this forum--there are a variety of tested materials mentioned there.



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          I have use Armaflex HT on 4 espresso machines, the oldest installation being around 4 years ago. I have it in 2 of my current machines (both boilers in one of them) and will no doubt install it in my next machine. I thoroughly recommend this product for this application.


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            Great, thanks guys, I'm definitely looking for the HT,
            Paulo, where did you pick it up?


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              Hi PJ,
              I ordered it from these guys:-
              Armacell - Local Contacts
              Contact Alex and let him know that the Armaflex HT that he sold to a Coffeesnob 4 or so years ago worked a treat.
              He had to order it from Melbourne. From memory, I could only get a 6 metre roll of the 19mm thick HT. That is enough for a WHOLE LOT of boilers!

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                Can you spare a meter?


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                  Hi Jimmytheboot,
                  I sold a lot to CS members years ago and have just enough for my next machine. It must be time for a CS member to bite the bullet and order another roll and divide it...


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                    I'm on it Jimmy and Paolo,
                    I rang them yesterday and they're getting me a price. (understaffed yesterday.)
                    I"ll post back here when I have an update, but there should be plenty to go around.


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                      Did you get a response?


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                        Yep after 1 week and 5 calls I finally got some prices.
                        I am after the 13mm, as I think there's not the room for 19mm inside the BZ99.

                        Here's what they told me:
                        19mm - 9H1900CS - $169.26 excl GST
                        13mm - 9H1300CS - $175 excl GST

                        We currently have in our Melbourne warehouse 3 cartons of 19mm roll only

                        13mm roll we would have to bring in from overseas and the cost for sea freight is $330 per carton
                        with a lead time of about 6-8 weeks

                        Air freight is $440 per carton with a lead time of roughly 2 weeks

                        The 13mm is an 1mx8m roll. 19mm is 1mx6m roll.
                        I need about 20cmx30cm!

                        So, any ideas? I'm cooling off.


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                          Google "pid silvia insulation", looks like 13mm armaflex to me $30 for 60x60mm, not sure what he charges for shipping from the US


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                            Originally posted by Jimmytheboot View Post
                            Google "pid silvia insulation", looks like 13mm armaflex to me $30 for 60x60mm, not sure what he charges for shipping from the US
                            I see what they have there, its 300mm x 300mm x 6mm.

                            Not sure that would suit me, but I've emailed them.

                            Thanks Jimmy


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                              Oh right, always getting my inches mixed up