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Any info on this machine ???

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  • Any info on this machine ???


    Has anyone got any idea what brand/make this machine is?

    It is for sale and all they know is, it's about 20 years old and and is Italian made. It has ESQ on the front, but I can't find anything online about ESQ, might be that it is not the make or brand.

    Also do you know about availability of parts or service?

    Your wisdom is much appreciated.


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    Never seen one before, and to ID it better I'd have to see some pics of the inside, but my first guess would be Bezzera, based on the style of the drip tray and the knobs that seem to be attached with screws, suggesting a square or splined tap shaft behind them.


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      Hi and Thanks

      This is the only picture of the inside I have.

      I have attached another angle as well in the hope that it may help.

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        Hi There, i saw this one too on the local auction site.I've tried to figure out the make, and can't.But regardless of that, its only if something major like the boiler splits that you'll have any trouble.Most consumable parts on machines like these are the same generic parts (group seals, pressurestats, etc) used on lots of other machines.Any worthy espresso tech should be able to service it and keep it running.But i'd only buy it if you are handy, or have access to good espresso techs.If you live in Nelson, i'll gladly take a look at it for you or get it running


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          Just purely going on the label

          ESP is a US company
          if you search Cecilware Corporation you may find there range

          Its also close in looks to a Bunn SP
          However I stand to be corrected but hope the info is of help

          Now the boiler observation
          It looks a lot like the Faema designs I have seen



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            Hi Koffeekit

            They only want 200 for it now, almost worth the gamble. Thanks for the offer but we aren't near Nelson. The machine will only get relatively light use in a crib ( batch for those further north). We want something that can steam a lot of milk quickly over Xmas and New Year. The price makes it tempting. Of course we are well aware it could be a false economy if it all goes wrong.

            They did say a tech had looked at it and didn't know what it was.

            KK The Boiler looks small in the frame - to my untrained eye - and I wonder if at some stage it has become a bit of a mongrel with bits and pieces from all sorts.
            I had a quick look at your suggestions but couldn't find anything obvious. The badge says ESQ not ESP although some of that might be handy in solving the puzzle.