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  • TORR Classic Tamper Collection

    Well it has been a week since i posted pictures of my Chris King Tamper collection. This week i have my collection of TORR Classic tampers. Bases are all 58mm convex,Woods from back left to right are : Wenge, Palisander, Amaranth, Grenadill /african Blackwood - bi Colour, Maple, Walnut, Sonokeling Rosewood and Pernambuco.

    More to come next week!
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    Always makes me think of THORRRRRR tamper
    You're mad seriously, you're mad. (I don't mind being 1/2 mad like you, I want some crazy burl mineral streak funky chunky looking wood with mouth watering grain handle tamper x 20)


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      Torrs are beautiful tampers! I almost got one once but it was 53mm or something.

      Are you sure the one second from left isn't Wenge? I'm not a timber expert but that one looks a lot like our Wenge Baristas


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        Yes they are a great tamper, Jens Rufenach is a good friend of mine.I have many of his tampers.He has a new tamper just about to be released! Called the Goldfinger. I'll post pictures in the next few weeks when they arrive.

        Your right! The second one is the Wenge... My bad.


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          I've had a Goldfinger tamper since late last year... Looks great but is a tad heavy in the piston for my liking. I bought it from Jens.

          The other Torr tamper I own fits the baskets on my Ponte Vecchio Lusso and is a tiny 45mm.

          Does the Goldfinger you're talking about look like the picture below?
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            Yes, You have the first gen Goldfinger. This was a great tamper and as you said it has a heavy piston. Jens has just released the GF 2012 to his range and will be available soon with 8 different styles of woods and two metal handles (white/black).

            The new GF comes with a 5mm washer and soon a 9mm washer for height adjustment.

            Ill post the entire set once they have landed.
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