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  • New tamper design

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Name:	prima-coffee-equipment-adjustable-tamper-lg.jpg
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    This one from Prima coffee.

    Good, bad or just different for the sake of being different? My first thought was to ring it!

    They're talking up the ergonomics of it.

    Whaddya reckon?

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    Saw this a couple of days ago.
    I reckon it was designed by a person who has no idea of what the espresso making process involves, it's a bit like a concrete float with an offset handle, you could get the job done with it but why bother?
    This one is destined for the good idea that didn't work pigeon hole.
    Oh, and the handle looks like it was pinched from an old pull to flush toilet cistern.
    If you reckon I don't like it your right.


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      I'm sure you could make it work.

      But, the idea (I thought ) about the tamper was to exert a downwards force into the portafilter. That force works best when it's perpendicular to the surface of the ground coffee.

      This design appears to make a fulcrum point on the inside edge of the base, nearest the handle. Like I said, you could probably make it work.


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        If you can adjust the handle vertically it could work similarly to the RB radical pro, but I don't see its purpose at that angle.


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          Looks like someone pushed to hard and bent the handle....
          Good luck getting it vertical again,


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            At first glance it certainly belongs in the "different but not better" box. I had a look at their spiel online and it seems the angle of the handle is adjustable, which seems a good idea. Examining the biomechanics/ergonomics of the tamper in the intended grip, base gripped between extended thumb and index, (as per the Prima site) the obvious conclusion is that the handle may as well be absent. Even worse, I suspect most of the strain will be borne by the thumb, which will simply transfer the RSI to a joint already prone to early arthritis in most of us.

            The biggest issue I see with the ergonomics of tamping is the relationship between the height of the bench top and the barista, shorter baristas have a much harder job putting weight through the tamper and have to use arm/shoulder strength instead, resulting in more strain and fatigue issues. The obvious aspect to redesign would be the tamping surface, making a freestanding height adjustable tamping "pedestal" would be relatively simple.


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              Looks like an elegant solution to a question nobody is asking. "Polishing" of the puck would be awkward.


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                Perhaps for someone with shoulder issues. Looks kinda like a candle snuffer.


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                  not everyone tamps on a bench. some of us tamp in the air and this looks like it would do that job no worse than a regular tamper.


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                    Originally posted by early_morning_ View Post
                    not everyone tamps on a bench. some of us tamp in the air and this looks like it would do that job no worse than a regular tamper.
                    Air tamping!!! anything like air guitar?