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Temperature and/or pressure profiling

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  • Temperature and/or pressure profiling

    Subject moved from the BDB thread..

    Originally posted by Dennis View Post

    I consider temperature and/or pressure profiling in the context of espresso preparation to mean there is a programmable or manual means of altering the temperature and pressure during the course of the extraction, ie. in a similar fashion to lever machines, where I believe the concept of temperature and pressure profiling originated from.
    Keeping temp and pressure profiling separate.. I can see how a lever m/c alows pressure profiling, but i fail to see how they facilitate any means of temperature profile changes..other than those initiated by flushing procedures. ??

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    The brew water loses heat to the huge group during the shot?


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        ..The brew water loses heat to the huge group during the shot
        I understand that,... much like any other espresso m/c..
        .but where is there .." a programmable or manual means of altering the temperature.... during the course of the extraction," ..


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          As an example if you hold the lever at a point say half way through the pull the water remaining in the chamber will be cooler than when you started and continue to cool. Holding that position for x seconds will give you y degrees in the cup. Hold the position for x plus another 5 seconds will result in a cooler finish to the extraction than y and you have just manually manipulated the temp profile.


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            interesting stuff. The limitation with this though as regards the topic is that with a lever, temperature and pressure are tied to each other during the extraction, there's not really a way to separate the two as if you want to allow the brew water to cool mid-way through a pour by holding back the lever you would also introduce a pressure dip at that point.


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              I agree it has limitations. What I find most interesting is that apart from the introduction of some electronics, we have come full circle in the development of espresso machines.


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                yep, pressure wise they just are simulating the lever, with a pre, a peak and a taper off.

                I find this works well with soft beans,

                but I can't find the answer for normal and hard beans, pressure wise 9-10 bar still wins with the harder beans

                I have even tried a 13 bar peak with harder beans without success