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Tamper for La Pavoni Pre-Mil

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  • Tamper for La Pavoni Pre-Mil

    Hi guys,

    I've decided to finally get a decent Tamper for my La Pav, meaning I have to deal with a whole lot of variables which I've put off until now. I attempted to purchase a Tamp last year (49mm) and when it arrived it was hopelessly too small for the basket so I went back to using a Sunbeam plastic tamper which actually fits the basket perfectly. Incidently the basket is 49mm - right at its base.

    Now I've measured the basket and at its top it has an internal diameter of 50.9mm. The sunbeam plastic tamper comes in at exactly 50mm and hits the sides about 2/3rds down the basket. Any other La PAvoni owners out there have similar issues, and where did you get a snug fitting tamper?

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    Grinders in Carlton used to have (and might still have) a collection of tampers and I just went in with my basket and tried them until one fitted. For a millenium La Pav though. Must be other coffee places that do the same?


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      I have a pre millennium La Pav I ordered a custom with a long black bakelite handle that matches the look of the La Pav (from a non sponsor). I measured the internal diameter of the basket mid way down with a pair of callipers - From memory I THINK I went with 49.5 mm - it's fits nice, and I can get it level easily by the way it lines up on the side of the basket.


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        Tapered baskets are impossible to get a good fit all the way; I had one last week that tapered about 4mm from the top to the bottom. In these cases we normally get the basket sent in and have to pick a depth in discussion with the customer that's going to be the best compromise. La Pav machines do have some variation in basket size, but if you find 50mm is too small and the basket is 50.9 (meaning a 51mm won't fit) you'll have to get something custom made. We do this all day so let us know if you want us to help out.