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  • Butter!

    Ummm, so this morning I decided to place a stick of butter on top of my cup holder of my Bezzera BZ10 to soften it for some toast. But then I subsequently forgot it and went to work.

    10hrs later - butter has dripped through the entire machine. I've given it a big clean, taken the case off and cleaned as much as I can. Theres still some residual butter grease on the boiler and some wires.
    Should I take this to a repair guy for a complete clean or will it be ok?

    Also, please don't laugh too hard at me

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    Hooley dooley pmastello....

    If the machine was on all day, you are very lucky you didn't burn your house down. I am glad that you and the house are still here.

    We had a client do this with her machine (switched on). Fortunately she was home to extinguish the fire but the resultant damage to the machine was terminal. If butter has dripped into the board and other bits, I'd be calling your insurance company.

    Guys please- nothing other than dry cups should ever go on top of an espresso machine.


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      Luckily I have it on a timer and turns off when I leave for work.
      Might book it in for a service then.
      Can anyone reccomend a good technician on/near the NSW central coast?


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        Crikey! I recall the old advertising jingle (butter makes it better) somehow I don't think they had espresso machines in mind when they penned it.

        Bad luck mate, hope it all turns out ok.


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          I think I'd have a stroke if that happened to me! As for any service agent on the Central Coast - I'd be surprised, there's not much else. The closest would be Jetblack in Cremorne, you can contact them via the sponsors tab at the top of the forum.


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            No stick of butter on the warming tray here...but certainly cutlery after hand washing, empty cleaned jars for drying, occasional hand-washed plates, occasionally honey just before breakfast in winter if it's not runny enough, basting and pastry brushes after cleaning, barbecue tools, just about anything metallic that needs to be dried before being painted or glued..... Oh yeah....almost forgot. We also have coffee cups on there.


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              Originally posted by robusto View Post
              ...We also have coffee cups on there.
              That's just crazy talk robusto