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countertop milk bottle chiller??

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  • countertop milk bottle chiller??

    Hey guys.

    So i had an idea at work today.
    I thought it would be cool if you could get a little countertop milk bottle chiller to fit 2x 2 litre milk bottles. So they dont warm up when sitting on the bench. Kind of like a little bain marie but cold. (see attached)
    Does anyone know of something like this that already exists??
    If not I may try my hand at making my own.

    Thanks in advance
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    Yes... they do exist... just Google "milk chiller". Ain't cheap though. You could MacGyver up one yourself with a couple of thermoelectric peltiers (Google helps here too) but they draw heaps of current, run hot and can be quite dangerous. On the simpler side of things you can use an icebucket... or simpler still... just keep the milk in the fridge till needed (a countertop beverage fridge would work a treat)

    Specifically you might want to take a look at the WAECO MF-6W... technically speaking it's a 6 bottle wine fridge but 2 x 2L of milk should fit in quite nicely and it can chill down to 5 degrees C. Sells for $165


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      googling "milk chiller" just gets me a bunch of pictures of huge vats that belong on dairy farms. I have found what i think you meant though (milkmate 2000) but its not quite what im after. i was thinking more like an ice bucket without the ice.


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        Try a small icecream chiller


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          If you want to go all out, there's always one of these:

          The Juggler - Cafe Milk Tap System