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sourcing high temp wire

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  • sourcing high temp wire

    I am looking to rewire an old machine and was wondering where i would be able to source wire that would cope with the high temps.
    I have read somewhere that i need either silicon or fiberglass coated wire, but im really not too sure where i can buy it without having to by a 5 kilometre long roll for each colour. Does anyone know where to get this, and those of you that are electrically minded, could you tell me what gauge wire and what the coating is called so i can look like i know what im doing? Thanks,

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    I get mine from Thermal Electric Elements. Just google their contact details, give them a ring and let them know what you need and they will fill in the blanks for you.


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      i'd recommend 10 gauge, 100% copper, silicon insulated wire. i get my wire from hobbyking, a radio control hobby website. a metre of 10 gauge will cost you about $3 (it's sold my the metre). the 10 gauge is rated at about 140 amps at 12-16V which equates to about 2000W. some guys say they run it in their boats and planes, pulling 180-200A without the wires overheating so you should be pretty safe. in a coffee machine, the current draw would be around 1500-2000W which is reasonably safe.

      the silicon insulation is rated to 200C so there is no trouble from melting insulation. i've actually held my soldering iron onto the insulation with it set at 350C and it took a fair while to start to melt. the wire is also extremely flexible, you can make it fit into pretty much any space.


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        G'day Aaron...

        This is where I buy my stuff from. Very efficient and courteous people too...



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          Mal, thanks for the link, can you explain what all the numbers for each listing mean?
          Use this as an example
          16/0.20 (0.5mm2) V180 SILICON WIRE BLACK


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            G'day again mate...

            16/0.20 refers to the number of strands and the size of the strands.
            0.5mm2 refers to the Cross-Sectional Area of the grouped conductors in the cable and is the easiest one to refer to when determining cable size for a particular load (Amps).
            V.180 refers to the Continuous Temperature rating of the Cable Insulation, meaning in this case, 180deg C.

            Hope this helps...


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              Don't know where you are located - however in Sydney I have used RW Winning Pty Ltd - Burrows Rd Alexandria. I sourced the high temp silicon wires from them when I pimped an old Linea a few years back.


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                thanks for all the advice guys