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Advice re: grinder for very light roasts + espresso

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  • Advice re: grinder for very light roasts + espresso

    I'm currently in the market for a Rancilio Sylvia + (undecided) grinder - thank you to the three sponsors who replied to me. Before contacting the sponsors I was on the brink of buying the Breville Smart Grinder/BCG800 (over the Rocky) as it would fit my needs for now as a first time espresso machine owner. I am also looking at roasting my own very light roasts* (same hue as peanut butter or about the 3rd bracket on the CS membership card) in the future - only after I've gotten the hang of espresso 101. However I just read that the (some units?) BCG800 gets choked & stalls on light roasts due to hardness of the beans - I know that greens & lighter roasts are harder than an espresso bean. The grind for the very light roast would be coarse for plunger if that helps.

    Can anyone advise me if the Rocky or any other grinder below $600 is capable of grinding such a light roast? The ability to grind as fine as Turkish would also be a plus, but not essential.

    Or given my needs would I be better off buying a separate grinder for the very light roast?

    *Very light roast is for Saudi/Gulf qawah prepared with cardamom. I've found I prefer the plunger method over the 'boiling' method. It's quicker and less sour. Once I got the hang of the Silvia with temp surfing etc, I will be looking for roasting tips for this sort of coffee.


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    I have never gone that light, but my Rocky ground everything I put in it.
    It is certainly a fair sized motor and has high quality grinding parts.
    And yes, the light roast beans can be very hard to grind.



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      I recently got the Silvia and Compak K3 Touch combo.
      But frankly, I have never really used the 'timed' dosing function and I could have well saved some money by getting the K3 push version which will be well under your budget (from some of the site sponsors website).
      I was contemplating over the Rocky but since my and my hsemate drink different coffee and beans, the removable hopper and doserless version suited us more.


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        Basically the finer the grind you want, the more precise and rigid everything needs to be. I know for a fact that my Mazzer Super Jolly can grind something resembling Turkish coffee and would have no problem munching through lighter roasted beans. Thats all I can really speak for though. I'm fairly certain that there wouldn't be anything below a Rocky that would be worth looking at, most grinders below $400 have plastic burr carriers and even if they grind this fine when brand new would not be a long term solution.


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          Another thing to consider is that grinding very fine, even on a faster grinder is a slow process, depending on how much coffee you want to grind, grinder speed and duty cycles might become a factor.


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            Thanks to all who replied.

            Originally posted by muppet_man67 View Post
            most grinders below $400 have plastic burr carriers and even if they grind this fine when brand new would not be a long term solution.
            Yes, good point. Even if it did grind beans that light or grind espresso that fine initially, after a while the grinder would be wrecked.

            As espresso & budget are at the forefront of my requirements atm, I think I will have to forgo my qahwa & turkish (which is for in-laws, not me) for now. Alas, my husband is not into espresso, for now it's hard enough to convince him of the Silvia + grinder