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IWAKI - Water drip coffee server

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  • IWAKI - Water drip coffee server

    Hey all

    Anyone ever tried one if these? I just bought 2 in from Japan, cost me about $65 shipped for them both.

    Drips cold water at a rate of 55 drips per minute from my reckoning.

    I've never tried cold drip coffee before but I'll set one of these up tonight and try it in the morning Fingers crossed it doesn't kill me!!

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    Heres a picture of it that i couldnt attach with tapatalk......Click image for larger version

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      If brewed correctly I'm sure you'll enjoy it Lukemc!


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        ive had a look through the homemade cold drip thread here and i think this may drip a little fast but ill find out tomorrow i guess


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          don't be put off. drip rate is variable, like all other variables. It comes down to grind size, grinds quantity, water quantity, etc. I think it will be great, have a lot of fun and be sure to post your brew pics and experiences


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            IWAKI - Water drip coffee server

            Thanks guys. Sampled some this morning and wow it's got some kick and flavour without being bitter at all!!

            It was 430am so not a lot of thought went into it!! Will try it again tonight when I get home


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              IWAKI - Water drip coffee server

              Experiment with adding ice to the drink, or milk or sparkling water. If you find the concentrate too much..


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                Picked up one of these a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it.
                Basic recipe/instructions - 40g coarsely ground fresh coffee.
                I wet it twice - ~40 ml to start and I use a chopstick to agitate.
                Leave it a minute then rewet with about the same amount of water.
                This also flattens down the bed of coffee and I also give it a bit of a shake/tap to get rid of any air bubbles.
                Then I put the top reservoir on and fill it up with 450ml of water.
                2 hours to complete the brew.

                The India Elephant hills Peaberry I have been drinking straight and cold - unlike toddy/immersion coffee where I dilute it with hot water.
                It's been gorgeous - chocolaty in taste with an amazing aroma - which is odd, because as an espresso the Elephant is certainly nice - but not amazing. (Same roast batch). Hold a mouthful on your tongue and you get all these florals/berry that appear.

                Roasted up some Yirgacheffe to try in it next.

                So far - no need to play with drip rate, but I may try some ice in the brewer with some water later.

                Oh - I find it really easy to clean too -but I worry about the longevity of the nylon filter.
                Mind you - they are cheap enough that a whole replacement every year or two wouldn't make me cry.