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Pro Baristas and shop owners: Service Tech seeks your feedback

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  • Pro Baristas and shop owners: Service Tech seeks your feedback

    Hi all,
    I'm doing market research as part of my business loan application to start an espresso equipment service/repair business. It occurred to me that some of the best baristas are right here reading these forums and I'd be remiss not to ask all of you as part of my research. So, the question is:
    As a pro barista: What is the biggest thing you find lacking in the level of service you are getting right now, from your provider? Is it response time? Door rate? Availability of parts? Understanding of the complexity of pulling the perfect cup and tuning the machine accordingly? Or is it simple things like customer service: friendliness, thoughtfulness, dropping-in to see how you are doing and take care of small issues to help you out?
    Or is it something else entirely that you want but don't seem to be getting?
    What can you think of that you'd like your service tech to do for you?
    Thanks for any responses and feedback.

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    I'm not a pro, or a business, but the biggest problem I had in Adelaide when I wanted service for my high-end machine was that **NONE** of the service companies **EVER** returned a 'phone call.

    In the end, I was forced to ship the machine interstate to get a repair done.



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      Thanks Greg,
      I now have an iPhone with me at all times, so all phone calls, emails and texts can be returned instantly. I'll even service your machine for FREE if you'll provide the airfare! Always wanted to visit your side of the world.
      Best regards