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  • Tamper!

    Its there a diference in tamper or tamper brands? What about price? (eje) 58mm $17 and a 58mm $90 both same material why sow diference in $

  • #2 7g25sec Espresso Tamper 58mm: Home & Kitchen

    What about this one ($149) and now $39 is it good for the money?


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      Well - my $0.02 is that there is marginal difference. I personally use a Greg Pullman tamper (who is a CS sponsor). I use that because I happen to like beautifully made well engineered things. Plus Greg works in the same building I do

      The big thing that sets his tampers apart from the others is fit. It has minimal clearance around the edge of the basket. The grooves in the side are also really handy at times when you're using it in unfamiliar surrounds - helps you get the tamp even - which is a big deal.

      The big price difference is either marketing or materials. My tamper has a big solid stainless base. Which costs in materials and in machining (stainless is *hard*). So I'd expect mine to cost significantly more than an Aluminium tamper, for example (or plastic one!).

      So it is pretty much up to the purchaser - I reckon I could use anything, but I *prefer* the one I have!



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        Kjm thanks! I was looking the pullman they really are something else! The multi color look amaizing, i didnt check the shipping cost(iam from puerto rico) that a long way from au, did you check the link? And what is you opinion about that one?


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          I have 2 Pullman tampers and I'm waiting on a new basket with matching base for one of my old handles.
          I appreciate the quality of the materials and workmanship.

          I checked the link. There are no details other than price.
          I'm wondering why such a huge discount.
          You can't tell the quality from just a picture.


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            If their website is anything to go by, that would look like a bargain to buy. Never seen so many tampers or types. The page is in German and Google didn't translate it all but looks like they make quality products. I've seen much less quality in shops selling for as much or more than that one on Amazon.

            Mind you, I didn't see that model on the site - with the branding it might be a promo version - the ones on site don't come with the logo.


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              Its the old story of you get what you pay for. As part of a 2nd hand Silvia/grinder package I purchased were a "precision fit" tamper and basket. There is no name on either but I have seen these for sale through one of the large coffee specialist retailers in NSW. The tamper is similar to a Protamp but with grooves on the side of the tamper head. This tamper doesn't fit into the standard Rancilio 1 and 2 cup baskets but fits snugly into the Rancilio triple basket that comes with the latest Rancilio bottomless portafilter. The fit in the basket that comes with the tamper isn't all that tight. I tried this basket in the bottomless portafilter and found there was pinhole channeling on the outside edge of the puck. I had to tamp N/S & E/W to stop it which defeats the purpose of having this particular "precison fit" tamper and basket. Fortunately I didn't purchase these seperately as I would have been disappointed with the lack of precision. I haven't as yet tried the rancilio triple basket with this particular tamper.

              At some point in time I'll probably look at a Pullman tamper size matched to a basket which I expect will be the duck's guts, unlike the cheaper pretender I have now.