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6 Tips for getting the most out of your Stovetop

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  • 6 Tips for getting the most out of your Stovetop

    By Michael Hunter

    Stovetop’s (or Moka Pot’s) have been around for almost 80 years. They have been a staple piece of coffee brewing equipment in every European household, at least the ones I have been in. As we revisit coffee brewing and not just focus on espresso, the Stovetop has made itself part of the new age coffee enthusiast’s arsenal. Originally made from aluminium (moka express) they are now available in stainless steel induction (musa) which has ignited a healthy debate over which provides the best result in the cup.

    Our Tips to Making An Incredible Stovetop Coffee:

    1. Always leave your pot unassembled when not in use to help prevent scale or sweating within the chamber.
    2. Clean your pot with hot water only, not detergent, and try to use filtered water if possible.
    3. Try to not overfill when packing ground coffee. Simply fill the basket and lightly collapse as you would make espresso coffee. Then swipe your finger across the top to remove excess grinds (do not tamp).
    4. Place your heat source on a medium heat, as you want your ideal extraction to be approx. 3-4mins. If the extraction process is too fast, the coffee will taste sour. If the extraction process is too slow, you will achieve a sharp, bitter taste.
    5. If you are starting to see coffee expel down the sides of your water chamber during extraction, it is probably time to change your seal.
    6. Once your coffee base is made, here’s a great trick for making a flat white style coffee at home. First, heat some milk in a cup in your microwave, then place it in a plunger and plunge approximately 5-6 times. This will deliver a deliciously creamy textured milk. Next, pour the milk out of the plunger and into your coffee base from your moka pot. Bialleti also have a product called a tuttocrema which is designed for heating milk directly on a heat source then plunging to achieve this result.

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    I like the infomation you have shared. Even though i use my machine 70-80% of the time i have of late been using my mocha pot and i love it. These tips can help me improve as i didnt think of a few things that where mentioed.


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      I have consistently burnt my coffee using this system. Thank you for this, it makes sense
      One question. How will this process go filling with hot water on a medium heat or must it start from cold?


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        I tend to start with water that has been recently boiled (but I also rinse the top section in hot water too), and using quite a moderate heat, which I turn down (sometimes off) as soon as the brew starts extracting. Haven't used the mocha for a little while, but I find there is less chance of 'burning' the brew.


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          Thanks for this info, have just bought a Bialleti ...