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    Hello all, my name is Ian and I have chosen to try my hand entering the world of better coffee making. This is my first post though I have been reading advice and info for a while. I have returned to university as a mature age student, so funds are VERY tight. I managed to find a second hand Gaggia Classic and Rancilio Rocky combo very cheap, and now need to purchase a tamper.

    Have been looking at these:

    eBay and non-sponsor commercial links removed per

    I am located in Melbourne, Australia. Was wondering if anyone could help me with recommendations between the two, or point me in te direction of a cheap, and good quality (well, for the price anyways).

    Thankyou All

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    Just noticed all the links were removed, apologies all round, didnt realise this wast allowed. So if anyone has any advice on cheap tampers, am looking for stainless steel and hoping not to pay more than 40 dollars.



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      If it is flat, reasonably solid and fits the basket well you should get good results.

      for home use if you take a little longer because of an average tamper it doesn't really matter.


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        Yep for that sort of money you're limited to chinese ones on auction sites etc. Yes it will probably be loose and fairly cheaply made but if that's all the budget allows it'll probably still be better than what you're using at the moment!


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          I buy my tampers off ebay, cost me about $25 each and they perform well. They're well built, heavy, and look the part. I'll message you the link to a 58mm one to fit your Gaggia. I just noticed this thread is 2 weeks old so maybe you've got one already, oh well.