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single shot PF baskets

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  • single shot PF baskets

    Does any one use a single shot basket? I have a Breville single wall single shot that came with my BDB, I have tried it and find it makes a good cup of americano of a morning. I have been using a 18gm VST and I think the coffee is a lot smoother with the single basket. Was wondering if there is a better quality basket to buy.

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    The single is actually a double and the double a triple, not many people use a real 7 gram single for their coffee, hence why Breville made their baskets the way they did.

    I use a 15 gram VST into which I put 21.5 grams which essentially is a triple, I only draw the shot for 25 - 30 seconds.

    I don't think it comes down to quality, it's more about what YOU LIKE.


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      As SS says ultimately you use what works for you, but explains some of the shortcomings of traditional single baskets and why doubles should normally give better results.


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        So should I be looking at getting a 15gm basket?


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          Only if you think it can be of benefit, I like the VST better than the Breville stock basket but that's just my taste, if you like what you are getting out of the Breville basket than just stick to that for a while.