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  • Au Revoir

    Hi CSers,

    It was probably the worst kept secret at MICE, but for those who don't know I've sold my business and will be out of operations as of COB Friday 31/5/2013. This encompasses all aspects - tampers, roasters,, VST, the lot. Today and tomorrow are just stocktake so in all likelihood I've already shipped my last order.

    Mark Ruta and Chris Mesnil are the new owners and those who came to MICE may have met them there. They're both very excited about this opportunity and intend to continue the work begun, i.e. maintain the quality of the product and hopefully bring to market some of the products I've worked on but haven't had time to finalise, plus some ideas of their own! This should all work in favour of anyone looking for a top quality tamper or related coffee product.

    It's been an amazing journey, going from making a single tamper for myself to selling 30 a week worldwide, but all the development and growth while holding down a satisfying day job has come at the cost of family time which is increasingly important as my three kids grow up. It's now time to redress that balance so from here I'll be just another face on the bus. I'm not completely ruling out some kind of coffee-related enterprise at some point in the future, but my only plan at this stage is getting back to a 'normal' life, comparatively dull as that may be.

    It's been a pleasure getting to know some of you, and I wish all of you all the best coffee for the future!

    So long!
    Greg Pullman

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    All the best, Greg and yes, it was nice to put name to face after all these years!

    I hope that we'll still get to see you lurking around CS however.


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      All the best Greg, good luck with any future ventures



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        Wishing you all the best Greg, enjoy your family time!!
        best wishes from Trevor


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          It was probably the worst kept secret at MICE

          ...I agree it was the worst kept secret but it spread so fast because we are all sad to see the end of an era.

          Of course we are all happy the good work will continue and I'm sure many CS'rs are running off to their coffee machines to check the serial stamp on their tampers.

          Out of curiosity, what's the serial number of the last Pullman tamper to ship?

          Welcome to Mark and Chris from all of CS, I'm sure you understand you have big shoes to fill and I'm sure will grab the challenge ahead with both hands.


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            Good luck with your future endeavours, Greg. I'm very proud of my Pullman tamper, it's a beautiful piece of work. And you should be proud of the reputation you've established over the years.
            All the best,


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              Sad to see another stalwart leave the coffee industry.

              Still enjoying my 4 year old wood handle Pullman tamper, and so has many other domestic and professional users nationally, as well as internationally.

              Looks like we should to grab another one to see us through the journey.

              All the best in your next life's chapter with your family.


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                Enjoy your extra time with your family, Greg, although you will be missed in the coffee world. I have my original model tamper (#995) that I bought from you some years ago, and using it is still one of my daily joys. Take care.


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                  Have fun Greg.
                  You've always been a pleasure to deal with and I hope we still see you poke your head in here from time to time.


                  Brett - #213 and #1803


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                    At least now you'll be able to take the time to smell the roses, the coffee, maybe nappies....Congratulations on a building a great reputation for your products.

                    The has already stopped selling tampers... I was hoping to get one for a PV Lusso... I'll have to wait til you come out of retirement!

                    Au revoir!

                    Originally posted by fatboy_1999 View Post
                    Have fun Greg.
                    You've always been a pleasure to deal with and I hope we still see you poke your head in here from time to time.


                    Brett - #213 and #1803


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                      Oh that's a right shame!

                      Glad to be using your products everyday and I wish you all the best!


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                        Wishing you happiness, contentment and a break from the fast train of life Greg.

                        Take care and thanks for your big contribution to the Australian coffee industry.

                        Best wishes.

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                          Best of luck Greg - you have always been a pleasure to deal with.




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                            Sincerely thank you for all your work and contributions to CS and ofcourse for the Pullman Tampers. I bought mine directly from your hands and face to face and can say that with some sense of pride. Enjoy your time with your family and settling back to normalcy.


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                              I'm the proud owner of two Pullman tampers... industry gold standard in my humble opinion. I hope that the change in pace is a positive one for you Greg.