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Plumbing in + water filter question

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  • Plumbing in + water filter question

    Good morning snobs

    I'm finally able to plumb in my Rocket Giotto Evoluzione after 2 years as an un-plumbed machine (very exciting). I've got the various tubes etc that came with the machine when new to connect it up to water source + drainage, however I want to work in an under-counter water filter in the process. Have had plumb in machines before but not with any filter setup.

    Does anyone have advice about a decent setup for this? Happy to buy from forum sponsors if someone can point me the right way. I'm in Melbourne and would prefer to buy locally if an option. Would like to keep the cost down as much as possible so don't want anything too over the top. Just what is necessary to keep the machine in good condition, and something that won't take up too much room under the counter.

    Any advice much appreciated!

    - Sam

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    Hi Sam,

    See our guide on filtration and our filter range. Hopefully, they will answer many of your questions.




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      A while ago , I spoke to a tech his name was Brett , from Moccopan ( in Melbourne ) the had a very nice easy to clean system , don't remember the name of the system , suppose you could give them a call


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        One of the best and cheapest places is PSI water filters. A bloke named Peter own the place and is real helpful and very knowledgable


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          Have had an excellent experience with site sponsor Bombora. Bernard was very helpful and thorough even when I had a problem with the supplied system (my water pressure was too high) it wasn't too much trouble for them to troubleshoot the problem and then supply an additional part at a substantial discount to fix the issue. Now every year I get an email/SMS to remind me that my filter needs changing. To which I simply reply to it and then a new filter is on its way to me in a day or so. Too easy! For the record I have absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with them - I'm just very satisfied.