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Greg Pullman's portafilter pressure gauge on the road

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  • Greg Pullman's portafilter pressure gauge on the road

    Hi guys,

    The old thread was running for over four years and some of the details have changed, so I'm starting a new one with the (current) info!


    The right brew pressure is one of the important factors in good espresso, but its one of the things that can be pretty difficult to measure without purpose-made devices. If the pressures off, no amount of grind / tamp / dose adjustment will really yield the best results. Since the pressure rarely needs to be changed once its correct, all most people need is a single opportunity to measure (and set if possible) their machines pressure, so the cost of a device they may only use once or twice is hard to justify for many. While the built-in brew pressure gauges on top-end machines are a very good guide, they're rarely dead accurate to the pressure at the group; but for those with machines with no gauge, about the only way to approximate the brew pressure is to measure the pump rejection rate and work out the pressure from the pump manufacturers data. A good way of telling if you're right off but hardly accurate.

    Perhaps this is the answer. I have a 63mm pressure gauge which can read from 0-16 bar (0-1600kpa), and has the right fittings attached to it to allow it to be screwed on to the standard 3/8" spout fittings on most portafilters. Spouts off, basket out, gauge on, and voila - a portafilter pressure gauge! Since I don't need this just lying around I'm happy for any CSer to borrow this. Indications in the old thread are that many people have seen an improvement from correctly setting their pressure.


    * If just one person is hiring it, the cost is $20 including postage to you, and you then pay to post it back to me.
    * If another CSer wants to borrow it after you, you each pay $15 and you can sort out the distribution between you with the last person sending it back to me.


    Obviously a level of honesty is required here so I'm trusting you not to just pass it around to all your coffee-luvn mates to use for nix - the cost of the gauge and associated fittings isn't insignificant and I think the hire fee is a pretty reasonable amount to pay for this service compared to the cost of purchasing a dedicated unit.

    The only other condition is that it comes back to me in the condition it went out (minor marks and other reasonable wear and tear is fine) and with all issued components intact. It will come with a list of included fittings. Youre welcome to add any other fittings if you need to match it to your machine but please dont remove the ones that are on there as theyve been tightly locked together and sealed. If it comes back broken or with parts missing (or not at all!) therell be a charge of up to $50 to contribute to the replacement of the missing / damaged part(s), payable by the last person who had it - so make sure you inspect it as soon as you receive it and sort out any faults / missing parts with the person who had it before.


    Easy! Just send an email to pressuregaugehire-donotreply_AT_gregpullmanDOTcom (yep you need to substitute the bits to turn that into an email addy!). You will get an auto-reply with all the details you need, including payment details. The people who have it / are in line will be posting in this thread so you should be able to see where it's up to.


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    PS This is what the gauge looks like.
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      Hi All,

      Steve here from Melbourne, just made my $20 payment as per e-mail and hoping to take my place in the queue. I can't quite tell from the old threat where the gauge is currently located, perhaps it's heading back home (or already arrived) after Thom from WA used it last?


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        Howdy Steve, the gauge is back with me at the moment so I'll send it onto you once the money's through. If anyone else wants to use it Steve's the only one in line so a good time to get in.


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          Tim from Brisbane 4171, payment made 5mins ago as per email. Please add my name to the queue.


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            Hi All, just to confirm that I have the gauge in Melbourne right now (work 3000 or home 3161), should be done with it by Wednesday.


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              Hi Tim, just to let you know that I'm now done with the gauge, Christmas delayed my playing! Turns out I'm at 10bar, so quite acceptable (I'd done some flow rate adjustment previously). If you want to PM me with shipment details, I'll forward it your way, that is if that is ok with Greg.


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                I'm back from holidays as of today myself, PM Sent.


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                  Hi Tim,

                  Just wondering if you still have the gauge? Trying to figure out if I should be paying Greg $15 if you still have it/can send it on to me, or $20 if you've already sent it back.




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                    The gauge should be with fredhoon at the moment, so it's still the $15 rate.



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                      Thanks Greg.Payment made as per email just now.So I'm next in line - Sending you a PM now Tim with my address for when you're done with it. Daniel


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                        I am yet to recieve the guage from ozsmac, last correspondence said he was heading over to America for a week or so.

                        I'll send another PM and email his way to try and get an ETA, oce in my hans I should only take a week or so to fiddle with my machine.



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                          Just made payment. Daniel, let me know when you're ready to send and I'll give you my details.




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                            No worries Ben!

                            I'll probably only be tampering (no pun intended) with my machine for a few days so shouldn't be long once I've got it


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                              Hi guys,

                              Current status: gauge with ozmac, I'm PM'd him for an update on when this will be going to fredhoon.
                              Current list of people in line:
                              * fredhoon
                              * browny0
                              * bgunsberger

                              If anyone else is wanting to get inline... assuming the gauge spends about 10 days (including postage) with each person, this list should be through by ABOUT the end of February, noting this is a very ballpark figure.