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Loving EP Precision Filter Baskets

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  • Loving EP Precision Filter Baskets

    Hi all,

    I recently purchased some 14-18g and 18-21g EP precision filter baskets (ordered Saturday night, arrived to Tassie today with a bonus, talk about great service!).
    I have only used the 14-18g at this stage and my goodness, what a difference. I have never minded the Silvia V3 baskets but often wondered if I was missing something so decided to give these a try with much appreciated help from other members and boy am I glad that I did.
    The taste of the espresso is far improved and I have found blonding to occur later.
    For me personally I feel that the improvements these baskets have made over the stock baskets to be an under priced upgrade.

    Cheers, Andy

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    Good to hear they're working for Andy.


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      The comment about later blonding is, in my opinion, so important... you're clearly getting a better extraction which is the name of the game. Well done.


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        Yeah, I've been singing their praises as well. couldn't believe the difference compared to the stock Silvia baskets. Considering the price Ranciio should just put these baskets in instead.


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          Thanks guys, one happy camper.

          With you on that one DaveD.


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            Good decision Andy , glad your happy with them .


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              OK that's enough convincing on the basket/s debate for me, just ordered the set from TalkCoffee.