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  • Burnsy's Upgrade

    For the past 10 years I have been making do with a Delongi and preground beans (shock horror) as with an owner built house and more recently a new family fancy coffee gear was down the list of priorities. I worked as a Barista for 3 years part time while I retrained and started my new job just after getting the Delongi and ever since a comercial machine and grinder have always been on the wish list.

    So at last the time has come

    Pavoniboys Carimali Uno e is on its way here to fill the water heating, pumping and steaming duties so in the mean time I have been busy getting everything else in order.

    First up was a space, it needed to be portable to the point of being able to be taken to functions and the like so a mobile bench was in order. A slab that has been kicking around on the floor in the workshop for the past 5 years fit the bill for a benchtop, a 600mm cabinet from gumtree and a set of castors have got it to the point of workable. Drawers, doors and coffee bag front and sides will come later.

    The Carimali will be fed from a tank filled with rainwater (seems the best option given Perth's water) that will live in the bottom of the cabinet alongside a waste tank.
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    A Gino Rossi (Saeco badged) CC45 was sourced for the grinding duties. There were two ex cafe machines on offer and I think I might have jagged the decafe machine as it appears to have seen very little work although it was in need of a serious clean. The doser chamber also interferes with the grinds discharging from the grinding chamber so is being match ported.
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      Given I will now need a real tamper and I like to make stuff, I sourced a lump of 3 inch 316 stainless stock. Machining it down with an old Hercus with no cooling was challenging to say the least. Base is pretty much done now and just needs drilling and tapping for the handle. A handle to match the benchtop is on tomorrows to do list with the longer term aim being to replace the group handles on the Carimali with the same timber (it's bluegum that I milled myself).
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        So this is where I am at now, one lonely Gino Rossi awaiting a shiney companion and modified doser chamber. The knock tube was a roadside chuckout find last week
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          You sent me a PM today regarding my drum roaster.
          Unfortunately I am one of a few users that have a system glitch that prevents me from replying to PM's.

          So, I figured you might notice a reply in your own thread - here it is:

          I have a few threads floating around where I discuss my setup, but my most recent discussion on my current drum can be found here:

          This thread has a couple of pics of the old drum:

          And finally, this thread has a reply with a word document attached showing how my setup hangs together.

          Hope that is useful.

          I've enjoyed drum roasting a lot. Probably why I have roasted nearly every weekend for 10 years
          I may not be able to get a temp probe into the bean mass and chart my roasts on a laptop, but at present, I don't care. The coffee tastes great and surely that is what counts.

          Good luck with the project.



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            Thanks Brett, plenty of reading and ideas floating around my head at the moment. Will see where it all leads.


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              Just got word the Carimalli is at the depot here, bummer that the depot shuts in 10 minutes and is not open again till Monday


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                Crikey Burnsy, looks like your a pretty handy bloke.

                Nice to see every thing is coming together nicely, projects like your tamper and grinder are certainly satisfying when they work out.

                Good luck with the Carimali.


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                  Yes I do like to make and play around with all things Yelta, makes it all the more interesting, the tamper came up a treat.

                  The Carimalli arrived home today, thanks heaps to Pavoniboy for going to so much trouble to pack it and drop it at a depot for me.

                  All plumbed up this evening including water from a 10 litre tank with non return valve and waste to a bucket (all inside the cabinet). Drilling a 70mm hole for all the piping through the 60mm slab was fun Not sure as yet what I will do with the grinder power cord.

                  Dialled in the grinder on some fresh 5 Senses beans and we enjoyed our first coffees. Micro foam was quick and easy compared to past machines. Still plenty of fine tuning of technique and learning to be done but the coffee was off the scale compared to our previous home efforts so we are happy campers.
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                    Lovely setup Burnsy...

                    Looks great mate. Let the espresso pouring begin...