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Need to find a Sirai solenoid coil supplier

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  • Need to find a Sirai solenoid coil supplier

    I need to find a Sirai solenoid coil for my FAEMA E98 compact. The brew solenoid is gone and im having trouble finding a replacement.
    I could coffee p[arts but they were not particularly helpful - suggesting I buy an entire new parker solenoid, even after I had already paid money for the wrong coil based on their parts diagram.

    What I need is a
    Type ZA32A
    V220-240 Hz 50
    VA 14
    Class F T:50C
    ED: 100%

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find someone that deals in Sirai parts? my google searches have come up with nothing and I really dont want to waste $100 on a whole new solenoid if I can avoid it.

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    Try coffeeparts, a site sponsor


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      Coffee parts do not carry Sirai solenoids or parts. I would have to buy a complete parker solenoid from them.


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        I did a search and found a company who supplies Sirai components. Ascomation Pty Ltd, they are in Frenchs Forest NSW. I will inbox you their details because if I write them here they will get deleted as they're not a site sponsor.


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          Why don't you try this form:
          CoffeeSnobs Site Sponsors Quote

          One of the site sponsors may know.