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3 Position Toggle Switch

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  • 3 Position Toggle Switch

    Probably a strange question, but anyway.

    I'd like to replace the two position (on/ off) steam toggle on my Lelit PL60T with three position toggle (On/Off/On)
    Only thing is I want the upwards "On" to be momentary only.

    A friend who owns a cafe has a Simonelli commercial machine and it has awesome "paddles" that do just that, a momentary push in one direction, but a manual On in the downwards

    His machine is similar to this
    (huge image so I didn't imbed it)

    But i just want a standard looking toggle
    here's a machine the same as mine

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    Shouldn't be too hard to find a suitably rated switch, the biggest issue might be finding one that looks the same as the existing switches to make the modification neater looking.
    Here's a sample, but may be too small?
    Radio Parts - Electronics Components - SXLL8010 - TOGGLE

    Another option might be to find a matching 2 position switch (off-momentary on) and drill an extra hole in the front panel below the red indicator light to mount it, next to the existing steam switch, which would look somewhat 'factory' original.


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      Or you could replace all switches if you can't find a matching one.

      Try radio spares, jaycar, altronics. There are no doubt others too.



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        I'm actually liking the idea of the extra 2 position switch.
        it has bugged me that there is an out of place light...

        I might pop the cover and get some numbers/ manufacturer off the switch to try and match it