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Will the VST basket fit my Sunbeam EM7000G

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  • Will the VST basket fit my Sunbeam EM7000G

    Hi Everyone,

    My first time posting on here and a newby to the home brewing world! I recently bought the Sunbeam EM7000G and cannot find any information on how big the baskets are. Nevertheless I would like to buy a 20gram VST basket for it but haven't a clue if it will fit or whether to buy a ridge or ridgeless one. The machine specs say that it's a 58mm commercial group head size but I put a ruler on the existing basket and the outer diameter is 70mm.
    Can anyone on here please help?


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    Welcome Gatsby,

    If you copy and paste your title question into your browser.................. ;-)


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      Thanks for the your words of wisdom chokkidog, but what's a browser?
      Believe me, I wouldn't have taken the time out to join the forum and write a post if I hadn't already tried that..


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        That's cool g, I tried it before I posted and your answer was there in a flash, no problem. I wasn't being glib.

        Even found a review ( presumably) from a well known member; ........ to quote from my google search:

        ..." I upgraded to the Sunbeam EM7000.........I have 2 x VST baskets as well as the SB (sic SB= Sunbeam)
        single floor double and single baskets. "

        But ..... when a filter basket size is nominated, it is the internal diameter that is being measured, therefore 58mm, which

        is the 'standard' commercial size group. It also correlates to the tamper size, which of course must fit snugly

        inside the filter.

        With top line filters like Precision there is a pretty tight tolerance, as you come down the scale into more generic style

        filters the tolerance is a little lax and diameters are sometimes as high as 60mm. If you want to go the VST route then a Reg Barber or

        GP tamper is a must or the exercise isn't worth the investment. Having a tamper that fits YOUR particular filter will be important.


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          Originally posted by chokkidog View Post
          GP tamper
          AKA Pullman Tamper


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            Thanks Dg, ....... it was late.