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Rocket Evoluzione and Perth retailer initial review

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  • Rocket Evoluzione and Perth retailer initial review

    This is my initial and very basic review of my new coffee machine purchase and Perth retailer experience.

    Firstly, I would like to state I have just purchased my first ever coffee espresso machine so I have very little to compare against regarding other models and as such, the initial review is purely based on my first impressions etc.

    I would also like to add, I do not intend to bad mouth any specific retailers and what is written is purely my opinion based on my purchasing experience.

    Over recently months, I have been reading extensive online reviews (including CS) and have visited various different Perth based coffee machine retailers in an attempt to find a local provider who:

    One - knew their product line and wasn't vague regarding any information when enquired upon.

    Two - had suitable professional knowledge to give me the reassurance for local support, should I need it.

    Three - generally be of professional acumen that did not bad mouth other retails and provided me with the service I expected.

    I regard when a purchaser is spending in the region of $3-4.5k, the three above points should be of minimum expectation. However I was very wrong and quite disillusioned with many of my retailer experiences.

    This was until I visited Dimattina in Osborne Park just this weekend. Fortunately the owner Simon was in and he was able to assist with my enquiries and be the first retailer to provide the three above points. This resulted in me walking out with a Rocket Evoluzione and mazzer mini electrical for a great price.

    I am absolutely chuffed to bits and couldn't recommend Dimattina highly enough.

    Now moving onto the Rocket. My first impressions of this machine is absolutely gorgeous, the fit and alignment of ever panel is fantastic. The knobs, levers scream quality and I can't keep myself from going into the kitchen and just admiring it. The missus thinks there is something's wrong with me, however it gets her tick of approval even considering the notable amount of kitchen worktop I had to negotiate for. Apparently she thinks it looks pretty which was a plus point for extra bench space ;o)

    The coffee it produces is stunning and I can't help think how some many local cafés get it so wrong when it appears to this easy.

    My only negative and this is an initial negative after only 4 days of ownership, is the small volume of the drip tray. I believe it may hold 250-300ml of water. I haven't checked to confirm this number but I think I recall reading it somewhere. The resultant small drip tray volume means that on the weekend, making numerous coffees for guests, I was requiring to empty the tray a few times. Now this can be easily overcome by plumbing in a drain line to the drip tray but this is not possible in my current kitchen, especially considering its location.

    However this is only a minor gripe and is something I can work through, so this is not something I would expect others to be deterred from.

    In summary, and noting this was a brief review, I am completely over the moon with my purchases. I intend on providing a follow up in the next few months once I have lived with it for a while and overcome my fascination with the Rocket.
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    Congratulations on your new toy, I recently watched a YouTube video where the owner used a plastic container for waste while using his unit, kept it clean and easier to empty during heavy use. Look forward to hearing further how you go in a few months time...


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      i hear ya on drip tray issues! the silvia is much, much worse.