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has anyone heard of a Dynamometric tamper ?

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  • has anyone heard of a Dynamometric tamper ?

    In a New Zealand on-line auction, this has a simple mechanism which have an aluminium body with a spring inside which provides a constant pressure, that pressure is supposed to create uniform and level pressure to the ground espresso in a group handle.
    and you guessed it, they say it makes for a predictable and consistent extraction, enabling the Barista to work faster in a busy cafe.

    Now, I don't know how good this is, or how true it is. A gimmick? whats the weight of a good tamper, many tampers makers says 'heavier weight' or handle is lighter' or , even weight distributed in the group head (or where exactly?)...

    It's all very well 'marketed' with sly use of emotional words, promises of perfections and on and on...

    some specifics do crops up now and then (I suspect, I'm new to the coffee world) saying weight is 354 grams, or 280 grams, or caliberated to a 15kg force, (really?) so do everyone actually apply an even 12 KG force with a tamper 'adding to it, making very close to 15KG force??

    I don't

    I wonder what's your take on this?
    oh BTW the Dynamometric tamper is going for $89 in Old Zoland...

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    More than any specific pressure consistency is the key. That being the case if this tamper is well made, doesn't bind, and yields the same pressure tamp after tamp it could be a handy tool to have around. Especially for training purposes.

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      If the tamper itself is good, then I don't see what it wouldn't be a good tool. Especially in cafes where many people are making coffee on the same equipment... it eliminates one more variable.