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Electric kettle VS Stove top kettle (Hario)

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  • Electric kettle VS Stove top kettle (Hario)

    Yet another electric kettle has started leaking and will need replacing fairly soon... I am really sick of these crappy electric kettles made so cheaply / poorly which fail far too frequently!!! I think we've been thru 3-5 in the last 10 years...

    So I am wondering if it would be worth getting the stainless steel Hario stovetop kettle (Bueno???)....????? I wouldn't mind one suitable for pourover methods of brewing as a bonus too... There are no electrical parts to break down on it, they seem well enough made that it should last if treated right... It would be our main kettle tho for everything in the kettle dept from any guests getting instant coffee who aren't worthy of my good coffee to boiling water for packet sauces, gravy and whatever else requires boiled water.......

    I think the big thing is (more so for my partner than me) if it is cheaper / more efficient to use an electric kettle than a stove top kettle.... she's gone crazy about what's using our power at the moment.... real PITA if you ask me but such is life...

    So does anyone have any idea on this or any knowledge..........??????????