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Replacement Steam Wand w/ 14mm ball joint head

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  • Replacement Steam Wand w/ 14mm ball joint head

    Hi All,

    So i'm in the process of giving my mothers Nemox Fenice a bit of a cleanup and new life, the boiler is in the process of a lovely citric acid bath at the moment and will be re-assembled with nice new seals in the coming days.

    The steam wand on this machine is average at best, and has a very frustrating "froth enhancer" tip on it. Wanting to swap the entire steam wand with something else, just need to find one with a 14mm ball head so i can use the existing fittings. Wand itself is 6mm tubing.

    Any suggestions on a wand that has a similar mount, which i could retrofit on to replace this rubbish one? Had a spare Gaggia baby wand lying around, but it mounts different so won't work. Probably counts out the Silvia too?

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    Derp! Turns out the ball screws off, it was just stuck. So the OD of the wand is 6mm, no idea on thread size/pitch though!


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      G'day mate...

      I'd talk to Charlie at Jet Black Espresso since they are the importers and agents for this line of machines, and can no doubt help you out with what you need...



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        Steam wand.

        Check out the Sunbeam EM6910 or EM6900,both share a similar steam arm that fits your machines size requirement,you may have to use adapter to fit it.
        At the moment I don't have any spares,I'm sure someone would have some laying about under their benches/workshops.
        Just a matter of getting one.


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          Gonna say the wand from a Breville 800ES would be ideal if it fits your machine. I can measure one up at work tomorrow and let you know. If it's the right size I'd suggest using it.