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Tampers with a thinner base

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  • Tampers with a thinner base

    The typical base is about 11 mm thick but our Bogav tamper is 7mm thick which is what we prefer. I've been searching for a while now to find another different, thin based tamper and all I can come up with is a rattleware tamper which looks like its got a thinner base but no site gives that exact dimension.

    Can any sponsors, who sell them, confirm that the rattleware tamper does have a base about 7mm or can someone suggest another brand that's available.

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    Have you checked out the Cafelat tampers on CS? Not sure exactly but when I picked one up I was sure it was a lower profile than some.

    Don't think it's 7mm tho'....


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      No I haven't. Maybe Andy can chime in here. Their base appears bigger than what we're after.


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        You'll be lucky! :-D..... a more sure way to get Andy's attention is to use the contact form bottom page right >↓


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          A follow up for anyone interested. Dibartoli stock the rattleware tampers and they confirmed they have a 7mm base like the Bogavs. For around $50 they are one of the best bang for buck tampers around. As a personal preference I like seeing the tamper go below or at the level of the basket when tamping. It gives me a better feel for what's happening. SWMBO prefers it that way as well. I think we've got about 6 tampers including a pullman but we nearly always fall back on the thin based Bogav.