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  • What Machine Next?

    My EM6910 is on its last legs, so it's time for a new machine. I am truely stuck on this decision. Do I go Pods? or do I get an EM7000?

    If I went pod, i'd be looking at this machine.
    Nespresso EN520S DeLonghi Lattissima Capsule Machine at The Good Guys

    If I replace the EM6910
    Sunbeam PU6910 Espresso Machine & Grinder at The Good Guys

    My decision is stuck because only having 1 coffee per day seems like a lot of work maintaining an espresso machine over a pod machine. And the pod machine wins for speed and convenience (insert pod, push button, drink)

    Please snobbers, give me your feedback.!!!

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    Before down grading your coffee to a pod, google 'pod coffee waste' and get a line on the problem.

    edit: I'll make it easier for you.....


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      If you don't want to avoid pod machines from an environmental standpoint, then consider the financial. A pod contains around 5g of ground coffee, with prices ranging from 40c to 80c per pod. This gives you a per kilo cost of coffee at around $80-160/kg, for stale sub standard coffee. I say stick with freshly roasted coffee, ground on demand - the prize for which is coffee worth drinking, and you do some good for the environment and save a hell of a lot of money. You just have to decide on the fastest preparation method that suits you.


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        There is not much to maintaining a proper machine. If you enjoyed a decent brew from the sunbeam I doubt you will be satisfied with a pod machine. No comparison really taste wise and as above its bloody expensive.



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          thanks for the sanity check snobbers. I went with the EM6910. I suppose that means i have some spare parts for future too


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            I have to say that the ad linked above is a hoot!

            For instance:
            This conical burr coffee grinder operates via a twin pump and thermo block system. It has 25 grind settings and uses both pressure and precise temperature to create perfection.

            I hope that no-one who buys from them ever needs any advice