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Value of pre-owned Expobar Minore IV & Mazzer Mini-E?

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  • Value of pre-owned Expobar Minore IV & Mazzer Mini-E?


    I am hoping someone would be kind enough to advise me.

    I wish to sell some equipment that is surplus to my needs. I don't have much of an idea as to what it is worth pre-owned today so if someone could let me know what a fair price to advertise it for then it would be very much appreciated. Ideally I'd like to sell both pieces together. I have;

    An Expobar Minore IV. Purchased new in 2012 here in Melbourne. The machine has genuinely had very little use. Last year I had it serviced by Rick Bond - The Coffee Machinist and it has not been turned on since it was delivered back! I take good care of my stuff and therefore the machine has no dents, dints or scratches - I seem to remember Rick saying he had never picked up a cleaner machine and if he lurks here perhaps he can confirm the condition.. (Rick, it is Darryl and you installed my Speedster... think you just also serviced my mate's Speedster this week ) . The only issue is that the LED display has some of the display not working, it is just the display and does not affect the machine. I did not bother getting this fixed at service as it made no difference to me at the time but obviously would need to adjust the price to reflect the cost of the display.. from memory it was a couple of hundred bucks but perhaps someone can advise?

    The other item is a Mazzer Mini Electronic, again in very very clean condition with no more than 20kgs of beans through it and bought at the same time as the Expobar.

    Hopefully this is in the right place for some advice (not offering for sale at the moment).

    Cheers all,