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isomac zaffiro boiler leaking small hole need advice

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  • isomac zaffiro boiler leaking small hole need advice

    Hi i had noticed that my machine was not pulling shots as it normally should. So i took a look inside and found its has a small hole on the weld at the top of the boiler. There was a snail trail running down the face and some calcium deposits on the hole. Does any know if it can be welded or do a need a new one. its a copper boiler nickle plated with chrome exterior.


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    G'day br41...

    You should be able to find a plumber or refrigeration tech. who could fix that up for you.

    Could probably help out a bit by cleaning all around the area with a small wire brush first up, so as to reduce the time spent doing the actual repair. Probably only take a few minutes...



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      ok Thanks Dimal. I have sealed it with epoxy resin so i will see it works. if resign fails ill take to a plumber. Next problem.

      The machine is only staying on for a few minutes then trips the circuit breaker. Any Ideas as to what is causing this. I had to remove the boiler to repair it and the only wires i disconnected where at the bottom of the boiler. i drawed a pic so i could put the wires back to there same positions. Thanks


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        RCD tripping could be down to several things including water contamination of exposed conductors, allowing for current leakage to earth.
        Most likely though, probably due to a dodgy boiler element or Boiler Fill Solenoid Coil.
        If you are not au fait with 240V AC electrics and troubleshooting thereof, I would suggest dropping your machine into a reputable specialist repairer, such as any of our Site Sponsors.