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Brita C150 for Brisbane

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  • Brita C150 for Brisbane

    Hi all,

    Just a quick couple of questions in regard to the C150 setup. I recently purchased a HMD ZT-2 TDS meter and hardness strips from a supplier. Prior to installing my test results were quite low for hardness (See pic below) From what I could make out between 0 - 50 ppm. I would say closer to the 0 colour and the TDS indicated 187.

    I haven't tested further for hardness as I couldn't see that being a problem after the install of the filter, the TDS now indicates 167. So my question is what would be considered low or high with TDS ?

    I have also been recommended a setting of 40% on the bypass. Also I couldn't see anything in the book in regard to how many ltrs I should flow to waste before using. The unit was flushed and air removed from the unit. Currently I have put thru about 6 ltrs but the water still has a slight taste of something. What would be a normal amount to flush thru the unit when new.?

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