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Knock Box and storage setup ideas

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  • Knock Box and storage setup ideas

    HI all

    I've recently upgraded from a Sylvia/Rocky setup to a beautiful BFC/Diadema DB Pid and a new grinder. Loving everything about the long overdue upgrade ... except that I no longer have the extremely useful knock box/storage drawer that my old gear sat on.

    I'd love some ideas on storage solutions for bits and pieces - group handles/baskets and cleaning gear - as well a a classy-looking knock box. Not a lot of space and definitely no room for a big homemade PVC pipe setup!

    Not even sure where to look for this sort of thing! I'd love any tips on specific gear or clever use of other sorts of products for these purposes.


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    G'day mate...

    There's some nice gear available from Coffee Parts here...
    Knocking Tubes, Coffee Machine Accessories | Coffee Parts

    It's where I got my stuff from.



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      Thanks Mal - will check out some of those items.
      I'm curious as to where people store the bigger things like group-handles etc.
      I have the double, single and a naked portafilter and don't like them rattling around on the warming tray or the bench.


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        that looks nice:
        Wood Portafilter Holder/Shelf -


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          In my case, I don't use the warming tray to store cups on so having the Group-Handles and a small milk pitcher up there doesn't look out of place.

          Maybe take Rolf's advice, and put your cabinet making skills to the test...

          I know that a couple of CSers have made very nice storage racks/shelves that sit up above and behind the espresso machine but I guess it all depends on the type of space you have available...



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            Siebträgerwandhalterung Eigenbau | Kaffee-Netz - Die Community rund ums Thema Kaffee
            how would you like something like that on the first page/picture?
            he is making now one for 3 portafilter, cost should be something around 70 euro, maybe he is also sending to Australia.


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              Great ideas - thanks Rolf and Mal. Nothing like a new project!