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  • Recommend me an automatic machine

    My parents' DeLonghi Auto machine has finally packed it in after 10 years' of regular use. They are looking for a new replacement that takes whole beans (roasted for them freshly by myself), and froths milk. They don't have a demanding palate but I have a vested interest in a decent machine for when I visit.
    They make around 4 cups a day, more on weekends, mostly milk based. They don't need an auto frother, but would probably be happy to have one. I have only just started looking for them and have no idea what is available or in what price range.
    Does anyone have suggestions?

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    You might be looking for a super automatic I guess which grinds and brews both. These machines cost a lot but they really make the kitchen a lot of less messed. One machine that doesn't costs a fortune and gives a good cup is Saeco Xsmall Vapore. It will just cost around $500 and is a good choice in budget. The other I would suggest is Jura Impressa costing around $1600, it's a marvellous creation.


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      I've had both a saeco talea and a jura c3. Great machines and decent coffee. Don't buy to cheap though, the components will be worn quickly...


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        Thanks for the suggestions, guys. They ended up going with another DeLonghi but with 5 years extended warranty. I hear what you say about the cheap components Alex; hopefully, the warranty will protect them a bit. I have only had one coffee on the machine and the jury is out for me, but the folks are very happy with it so far.