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Resizing a tamper in Melbourne?

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  • Resizing a tamper in Melbourne?

    I have a Motta 52mm tamper that I was sold as ideal for my La Pavoni Europiccola 51mm basket, but it's a smidgen too big - there's probably only 0.5-1mm in it, but as it is it just binds before it gets in anywhere near far enough, leading to much frustration and spilled grounds in trying to get it out again. I've read on various forums that a machining workshop can take a bit off with a lathe, and am trying to find such an establishment in Melbourne (ideally inner northish for the car-less, though I could post it). I've googled, and contacted one place, but they quoted $92 as a starting rate on any job no matter how small, when the word is that a six-pack of beer will often do it. Has anyone found a place that will do this without it costing more than the original tamper, or do you have to know someone with a workshop?

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    Sorry to hear your having difficulty with your tamper sticking,just a .5mm and you could relax,so easy when there's a metal lathe available.
    I recently made a stainless steel and timber tamper for our son's LaPavoni professional,machined to 51.5mm exactly then polished to fit.
    This particular tamper was it's second incantation,originally 58mm for son's older baby Gaggia .
    May I suggest you have a chat with your family or neighbours,surely someone knows of a tradesperson with access to a lathe,even the local high school have metal working subjects with teachers who could help.
    I would help out but I'm on a long road trip and won't be home for some time.
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    Sorry about the upside down image!


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      Tosco.... Welcome to CS
      Before you set off down this track
      If your not already aware (apols if you all ready are)
      That baskets can be tapered from the open end inwards
      As it reaches the blind end.
      Your looking to match tamper size with the basket at the max puck height ( x )
      X - will likely be 5,6,8 mm or maybe more below the top of the basket.
      X = the coffee puck height which is just below the shower screen / hear sink height
      As it sits when the group head is locked in.
      You need to ascertain in this. Search onsite fir 5cent test.

      Others may want to chime in here .
      Once the basket size measurement is ascertained -
      The tamper diameter should be slightly smaller I suggest around
      0.3 or so smaller .

      This should give you happy times ahead.
      Good luck


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        Thanks, Mulquemi and EspressoAdventurer. I was just trawling the Yellow Pages and getting nowhere and whinging about the lack of machining workshops in the gentrified inner north when the most unlikely workmate casually mentioned her husband has a metal lathe! A batch of homebaked biscuits and it'll be sorted!


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          Maybe Rick Bond, thecoffeemachinst could do it? Hes very handy on the lathe. Im pretty sure he is Melbourne, on CS too.


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            Friends and associates with access to lathes are awesome. I was lacking a decent tamper for my little machine at work and while on the lookout for something I found a very beat up old aluminium tamper that I think was originally a 58mm. A workmate of mine had resized one like this for me in the past so I grabbed it. I gave him the tamper and the basket it needed to fit last week and had this returned to me today -



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              What wonderful news,thanks for the welcome's so good to have reinforced,the fact ; real people with metal lathes do exist.
              Leroy,great job with the S/S tamper,will be a very handy accompaniment to your machines,well sourced.
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