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Rafino sieve system

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  • Rafino sieve system

    G'day all,

    Keen to have your thoughts on this one...

    I'm trying to decide whether to shell out for a 16 pack for our all round consumption...


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    I think it's a very interesting idea... so interesting that I'm a backer at the Barista Plus level.

    I'm excited that they busted through 120k worth of funding... I'm going to get a free sieve holder!


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      I think it's a simple and effective way of getting the particle size range you want for a particular brew method.

      It would also be a good way of comparing grind consistency between grinders, assuming the espresso grind range falls in two or three of the sieve sizes. Would certainly show up which ones produces excess fines or other undesirables. With accurate scales (very cheap these days) this would be easy to do.

      You could also check how the size spread changes with worn burrs on the same grinder.



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        I backed The Coffee Geek Plus and I am really looking forward to using it not only with my coffee needs but also for my dried spices that I grind with a blade grinder.
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          Too early to tell if it will be beneficial for use with a very fine espresso grind. Looks to be a no-brainer for other brew methods though...
          I agree with artman, it looks like a nice easy way to benchmark the performance or grind size distribution of grinders.

          Might still have a crack - the 11 sieve pack seems to cover all bases. Chris, were you thinking of the 2 or 8 sieve wholesale pack?
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            I think the finer sieves will be useful to me in removing boulders and chaff. I have a feeling that sieving out the fines will be too time consuming.


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              I have backed this as well, looks like a neat well designed product. I have been playing with sieving on and off for V60 filter for some time, so I will give my thoughts on it which might be of interest to new players.

              The wasteful factor bothers me some, however only doing it now and then to really clean up an already stunning filter brew can be an amazing experience. Really high extraction yields that are very clean, focused and sweet but still have some sense of body about them.

              I have been using standard kitchen 800 and 1000 micron for the boulders and chaff and I made a 400 micron out of beer brewing hop sock = pulled over a round tupperware container.

              Usual recipe for 1 cup V60 using a fully developed med - light filter roast is 12.5 to 13g to 200g of water, brewed in around 2 min.

              I usually allow 10g extra when grinding for sieving, most of the time loosing around 8g. Also I will adjust the grind slightly finer than what I usually use. This is necessary so that the selection of grounds used can be fully extracted.

              Here is where normal brew parameter go out the window. For 13g dose I will now use 220 to 230g water brewed over 2.30 - 2.45 to really push the extraction yield higher 21 - 22%, still with quite a decent strength 1.3 - 1.35 TDS.

              Doing this with a small conical hand grinder without sieving will result in a VERY bitter cup.

              I found if I left the grind setting the same as used for a normal cup and dont push the extraction further after sieving = VERY strong cup that is quite aggressive with acidity tending sour / harsh and some astringent related dryness.

              All the talk about more even particle spreads helping create a more even and higher extraction with good technique has rang true for me with this.

              Looking forward to the more user friendly Rafino system and might play with removing the boulders and chaff at 300 to 400 micron for espresso. My intuition tells me that trying to go any lower than this will just be a major headache with not much return.


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                Great info Steve!

                This would be interesting for espresso - because fine grinds would have a complex impact on extraction rate:
                - they increase the average extraction rate (due to having much greater surface area/volume ratio and more open pores)
                - they increase the resistance to flow for a given dose, by filling the interstitial spaces between larger grinds (which slows the flow and also likely alters the extraction rate and espresso concentration).


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                  I am very likely to get in on Rafino


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                    Get on it if you're keen. Only one more day to go... Of course I've backed on it (for the full set).

                    p/s: it's important for who's new to this Kickstarter 'game'. It's a crowdfunding campaign and nothing more. You're pledging to support the campaign, and in return will receive your reward (whatever you pledge for) for a discount (cheaper than what you'd have to pay after the product is launched). There is a chance the whole project tumbles and your money's gone. It's not the same as your normal internet buying/shopping.


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                      Hmmmmm, very geeky, a solution to a non existent problem.


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                        Originally posted by Yelta View Post
                        Hmmmmm, very geeky, a solution to a non existent problem.
                        My thoughts exactly


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                          I'm in. Just saw this. Have been wanting something like this for a long time. Have looked at various sieves online, but this looks better. More compact and neat looking. Also got the full set. I hope with their latest legal situation, it all still comes through. And just in general. Luckily also for me, at this late stage, they still haven't run out of backer slots.


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                            Wondering about this one! $158,000 raised, delivery promised May 2016, nothing heard, has anyone taken delivery or, received anything from the company involved?


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                              Now called the Kruve and is shipping to backers. I have one on the way