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  • Pesado depth adjuster


    I apologise if this has been discussed before (search did not bring anything up - there was some discussion on another levelling type tamper however) but I was wondering if anyone has used the Pesado depth adjuster ?

    Is it any good and for those that have had any experience with it does it help with achieving a consistently level and compact puck ?

    I guess I particularly like the idea that , all things being consistent with grind dosage, that it could help to achieve a consistent tamp and might help a complete novice (like myself) get a good pour on a regular basis.

    I know it is a bit like cheating with training wheels but hey... All the help I can get

    Cheers all.


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    I haven't seen the device in question, but I personally believe puck depth is more important than the force applied. I tamp with two fingers, with only as much force as is required to compress the puck to a point where the top of the tamper is just above the top if the basket (the BZ99s has a deep shower screen) while keeping it level.

    Tonight's coffee I used barely more than the weight of the tamper; 20g dose, nice pour, super tasty.

    Compressing the puck more certainly increases the resistance; I just dont see this as necessary (or beneficial).

    Keen to hear your thoughts if you buy one. I just bought a mini lathe, so I might make one myself.


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      I have it. It does everything you would expect and is nicely machined


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        Cheers for that.. a great help.