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  • ECM portafilter to naked

    So, it's about time to source a naked portafilter for my ECM.

    I could buy one, but it seems silly when I have a spare, genuine ECM PF that just sits in the cupboard.

    So, has anyone taken to one of these with a lathe? This is a job I'd pay a professional for rather than havking myself, as it's a rather nice (and solid) chunk of stainless - would be a shame to do a botch job of it.

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    You sure its stainless and not chrome plated brass like most?

    I have successfully cut a brass one with a cheapo hole saw in a drill press. On the oracle thread someone has cut the stainless PF with a hole saw with success.

    A lathe should not be an issue either way.

    You will probably find that taking it to a professional shop will probably cost more than buying one (hard to find one without a minimum charge) but some help out with compensation via amber fluid.



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      And if you don't have a drill press, a standard hand drill is good enough. I have to look real purposely to see the hole is fractionally off centre on the one I did.


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        I had mine done on a lathe (Bezzera, not ECM). Came up nicely, and have had no issues with the bare brass edge.

        I bought my own lathe recently, but haven't had a crack at doing the spare PF myself. Yet...


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          a hole saw does the trick. Don't use one that's close to the 58mm, go much smaller or else the filter will stick out, also will give you more material so you clean up the rough edges once drilled.


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            Originally posted by K_Bean_Coffee
            It's chrome plated brass.
            Oh, ok - thought I read somewhere they were steel. That makes it an easier job.

            Don't have a drill press, but I guess I could rig up a jig. Don't fancy doing it freehand...


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              LEGEND! Thanks again Paul, looking forward to it. After all, ECM PFs are a bit too nice to hack up with a cheap holesaw eh


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                I had a little time to spare today, so I put it to good use. The portafilter was the second one from my recently acquired Wega Mininova. It took a little time, but I was pretty happy with the end result. The edges were finished with a very fine file after the final photo was taken.

                Now I have to work on my distribution and tamp :-)


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