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Please convert me to manual as I've had enough of automatic machines

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  • Please convert me to manual as I've had enough of automatic machines

    Ok snobs I'm looking at converting to manual style machine as I'm over inconsistent average coffee. I'd like to buy a machine that is fairly quick to use and keep clean. Thoughts on a used 1 or 2 group commercial unit or perhaps a used snobs work of art. I'm not interested in something with a few years life type of machine. Mrs wants to be able to create real milk foam ( not the poor attempt autos do ) is there certain Italian brands to keep clear of ? Is it worth buying good secondhand as it's hard to justify some of the extremely high end units for now. I'm buying beans from beanbay and loving the new addiction haha now just want to tailor to great results. Would love to hear what machines you would suggest. Cheers

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    What's your budget and don't forget you'll need a grinder that's up to the task.

    There's a number of snobs who run commercial machines at home, I used to be one of them. At the time I loved it, although now that I have a "prosumer" type machine, I'm not sure how I dealt with some of the compromises. They take up a lot of space and can require some finesse if they run hot. Also remember that they've been decommissioned for a reason, so you may want to be handy with the tools. I do miss having that huge cup warming rack and buckets of steam and hot water on demand. If you have a lot of guests over they're amazing!

    Figure out your budget and how many cups at a time you'll be making and go from there.


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      Originally posted by K_Bean_Coffee
      Best thing is you don't need to spend huge $ to get shots like this.
      Only around 6k for that set up ay pauly
      He is right though, I've been running a gaggia classic and sunbeam grinder at work which cost me $200 and when you get it just right, the shots can be pretty damn fine. The extra money buys you exponentially better convenience, consistency and aesthetics.


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        How long do commercial machines take from turn on to ready? Also the "prosumer" startup times and what's the steam like in making foam


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          Nice machine. I'm guessing I'm using to much water with my coffees haha suppose I'll learn how it's all done the right way