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Giotto premium and gino Rossi rr45

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  • Giotto premium and gino Rossi rr45

    Anyone got any input into a Giotto premium and gino Rossi rr45 ? It's been sitting stored for about 5 years supposedly. Had some upgrades in venting and electrics. Possibly needing seals/service. Anyone had one of these and would it be something that would last?? Any input to either the grinder or Giotto would be appreciated.

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    Hi mate. Depending on the condition of the Giotto, it could be worth anywhere up to ~ $1,500. They are a great machine and if looked after should last a very long time.

    As for the grinder they are a dime a dozen and sell regularly on eBay and the like for ~ $200. They are chunky, loud and ugly but actually produce great coffee in my opinion. By the age of some around they appear to last a long time as well.

    I've actually got a Giotto Evo and Gino Rossi sitting on my bench at home at the moment....Only parting with the Gino Rossi because it just doesn't look right next to the Rocket....