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    Ok I'm stuck with a thought on what way I should be going as in type of machine I need! When I'm home for the day I like coffee from morning to night say one every 1-2 hrs. Question is leaving a "prosumer" type machine on all day is that going to kill it a lot quicker and is the power company going to like me for leaving it on all day. I do like the sound of having an e61 group setup. Another question is there a machine out there that is quick to preheat. 10 mins I could handle but 1/2 hour or more would be painful. If I could get some replies on machines and cold/warm start up times that would be appreciated. I'm getting ready to turf the delonghi auto and don't want to ever look back.

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    Also I really like the shiny Italian style units


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      It is possible to use a timer to turn on an E61. one of my mates has one of the smart timers that he can control from his phone.


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        Hi, I used to use a VBM Domobar Junior connected up to a WeMo Wifi switch. Had no problems at all with using this as a timer to turn it on or off. I usually only ran it on weekday mornings and all day weekend, but it was also great to turn it on remotely if I was coming home early.

        My current machine (La Spaziale Dream) has a timer built-in- not as fancy as all the Wifi, but works very well. I always turn it on well before I wake up, but it's pretty fast to heat up - brew group reaches temperature within 5-10 minutes, steam boiler is less than 15. And that's on US 110V, might be quicker in 240V as it can heat both boilers simultaneously. You can also turn off steam boiler separately if you want to save power.


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          If you're making a coffee every 1/2 hours, it won't take that long to heat up (after the 1st one).


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            If you're having a coffee every hour or two, you may as well leave it on! Given how much enjoyment you'll derive, the increase in the power bill and servicing costs can be easily justified. Get the right water filter, turn it off when you know you won't be using it. An E61/HX is good value but will take longer to heat than a dual boiler. But as already stated, a timer will get the initial heat up done in the morning so the machine is ready when you are.