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    Hi All
    I tried asking a few questions about the disposal of my old BoEma a few months back but was banned for "advertising"
    Please note I'm not soliciting for a sale....just advice please and the need to post a few times to become eligible to list it later on if this is the place to do it.
    I have no idea where to start with the value of an early '60s two group manual machine. I better not describe it or I may be banned again....
    I've proposed to a collector of old coffee equipment that he might exchange my machine for a good quality domestic unit as I now don't have the space for the old girl in a my home now that the cafe in which it was located has been sold. Does this sound like a fair swap (my wife thinks that the BoEma is more valuable than that)
    Is an auction website a good place to establish it's worth?

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    sent you a PM Byroncat.


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      pm'd mate I have a few ideas