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Convex tamper or flat base?

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  • Convex tamper or flat base?

    On a local (South African) a tamper with convex base is advertised. Does the convex base tamper offer any improvement in tamping efficiency and would it be noticeable in the cup?


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    Welcome Louis...

    This is a topic that has been covered many times over the years...
    Here are links to some reading for you...



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      FWIW, if you are considering replacing your current tamper, get one that is a tight fit to your filter basket. It doesn't matter if it is flat or convex. I am currently using an Espro Calibrated 58mm convex tamper and I find it very forgiving as long as I do the NSEW routine. That said, a 58.2 mm tamper will probably be better with my IMS filter basket.


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        Flat tamper sits on the bench better


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          Thanks Dimal. I read some of the threads and came to the conclusion that neither I nor those who may be enjoying (of course they will) my coffee in future would be able to tell the difference. In any case, whichever shape one uses, the likelihood that someone would up and say "Hey, your tamper's shape is wrong!" is smaller than the likelihood of me taking that trip to Mars...


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            Years ago I spent hours testing various types. My conclusion ? The difference is very subjective. Flat tampers have the biggest range and in my view the most consistent result


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              My technique is a flat tamp with a slight nutating roll - so I guess that gives me the best of both worlds! (although you do need a tiny bit of clearance around the edges )


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                I have used a convex tamp for a few years now (as a result of a web-store 'accident' whilst ordering).

                I wanted to see if a flat tamper would make any difference, so I turned one up on my lathe (very tight fit) a few months back.

                So far, couldn't say there was a noticeable difference - either in taste or in the appearance of liquid from the basket...