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Cafelat XT Portafilter - Stainless Steel regular and bottomless - all in one

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  • Cafelat XT Portafilter - Stainless Steel regular and bottomless - all in one

    Hola Cafelat XT lovers? Many others using these in AUS? :-) The designed and engineered by Paul Pratt and Chic Kely ones.

    Firstly, loving these portafilters.

    Nice NBR rubber grip similar to LM portafilters. Stainless steel design makes it very easy to keep clean.

    I like how it is easy to convert these portafilters on the fly between double spouted or bottomless.

    Comes with silicon group head seals and spare silicon o-ring gasket for the bottom plate.

    I purchased two of the same NS Cafelat XT portafilters - wide double spoutes - from the hopefully official Cafelat online store. Couldn't track down stock to buy NS ones in AU. Unfortunately the two portafilters for Nuova Simonelli aren't quite machined the same way.

    One locks in nicely to the group head and coffee pour works as expected. The other does not fit nicely in the group head. Locking lugs not machined the same(?)

    Symptoms on the problematic one.. water / pressure escaped out the side of the PF during a shot.

    I'm suspecting the locking side metal on the portafilter is not machined the same and results in the issues described.

    Same 18g VST filter baskets used in each to test. Measured shots 18g of coffee.

    One portafilter works as normal. One does not.

    I have tested the issue on two different machines and can repeat the issue on both machines.

    The same issue is seen when using either Nuova Simonelli Appia II or Nuova Simonellia Oscar II

    I'm happy to post video demo'ing the issue if that helps diagnose. I'm following up with the online shop as well.

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    I bought one here a few years back, loving it. Looks like your lugs are uneven as you are suggesting.

    Place both good and bad upside down on bench without basket and compare the lugs closely.

    Have you contacted the seller?



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      Yeah awaiting response- will see how it goes with the seller.

      They've been a good bunch so far in previous communications.

      Would loved to have purchased from Andy or Coffee Parts but they didn't have them at the time or not stocking the PFs currently.


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        Have always been impressed by Paul's products and workmanship. Now impressed by their gracious customer service. A replacement on its way. Kudos!