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WARNING - 51mm - Single walled non pressurized baskets on EBay

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  • WARNING - 51mm - Single walled non pressurized baskets on EBay

    Admin: not sure if this is allowed here or anywhere on the site.
    Please comment.

    I have just bought a 2 cup basket listed as non pressurized and for a Gustino.

    Titled as:
    Stainless steel Coffee 2 Cup Non Pressurized Filter Basket Strainer For GUSTINO

    Be very carefull, it is a dual wall pressurized basket.

    I did not look carefully enough at the photo, and went by the title, expecting it to be be single walled and non pressurized.
    The basket looks exactly like the pressurized baskets that came with my EM 4800c.

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    Ebay have their own process for this - open a ticket with their resolution process - item not as described...


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      Seller told me he has refunded me in total, however I have not seen the funds in my account.
      I have asked for the detail so I can track the return of the funds.
      But, I am not really to bothered, it was not expensive, and the seller has communicated lots to resolve the issue.
      I just wanted potential buyers of single walled 51 mm baskets to be be aware.
      The photo is correct, just the listing heading is wrong.
      When you look properly, as I didn't, you can see it is a dual wall, not an unpressurised basket as the heading says.


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        These cheap baskets almost aren't worth the bother. I bought two that were supposedly 51mm single wall baskets. Turns out they were definitely single wall and reasonably well made, but they were 49 or 50mm. Not sure what they'd fit but they're definitely too small for any of my 51mm PFs.


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          I got one from there that works fine, but not sure it is any better than my single walled Krups.
          The Breville ones, though expensive seem to work fine as well.


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            Originally posted by rawill View Post
            The Breville ones, though expensive seem to work fine as well.
            Where can you buy the Breville ones? I can only the find the cheap $5 2cup single walled baskets from China on eBay.
            Thanks in advance, sorry for digging up an old thread.


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              I’m after some as well, I’ve posted on the pay it forward thread, hoping for some guidance or how to convert the double wall myself.

              I saw some on eBay but am scared they might be a total waste.