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  • Andy
    The ESE pods have been around for 10 years or more, they never took off here but did have a little uptake in Europe.

    Not "pre-tamped" as you suggest but a coffee tea-bag that is then forced through a pressurised basket (like the ones people modify/throw-away in domestic machines).

    This was the pod before the pod, a little like the beta video tape that was better than VHS but both are like the dodo now.

    Like the pods as we know them now, the gotcha is these are assembled in a factory months ago and old coffee is old coffee even if you gas flush it when sealing the packet.

    I would suggest that a 5 minute lesson for your visitors will produce better coffee or maybe just leave them a plunger and a 1 minute instruction on how to use the grinder?

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  • Jackster
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  • Jackster
    started a topic Ese pod thoughts

    Ese pod thoughts

    At risk of a flaming here...

    Sometimes, I have guests that use my place when in not home (family, friends).
    I don't expect these people to drink instant coffee when they are here, but they don't want to learn the intricacies of grind, dose, tamp.
    So, I have been thinking of those ese pods (not capsules). They look to be a pretamped dose of ground coffee wrapped it a bit of degradable filter paper.
    I expect the 58mm basket adaptors to be a dual wall basket with a predefined flow rate.

    Browsing around, I found these, and only at this one place.
    Click image for larger version

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    They have choices in the flow rates on the adaptor baskets to promote a 30sec pour time for the brew ratio required.
    On chatting to the gentleman, he suggested the different baskets bring quite a tunability to the pour.
    Also, ease of cleanup for my visitors, just a backflushing to rinse should be fine. No grinds to get up in the shower screens...

    Im tempted to get a couple of baskets and try this out.

    Anyone had much to do with these pods and have insight?
    Also thinking the pods could go in my aeropress...