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Water filtration and Stainless Steel boilers

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  • Water filtration and Stainless Steel boilers

    May have been mentioned previously but if not could be helpful. This is an extract from an article on filtration on Talk Coffee's site.

    ""Whats the difference between the C150 Purity and C150 finest?

    Both of these filters are excellent 3 stage softening filters. Subject to suitable water quality, we strongly recommend that a buffering, softening filter such as the Brita C150 Finest MUST be used with all machines with stainless boilers. It can also be used with Copper boilers
    C150 Purity has higher capacity circa 3000L v circa 1500L
    C150 purity may be mounted horizontally whereas the C150 finest MUST be vertically mounted.
    Both should be changed no later than 12 months from installation.

    I have an espresso machine with stainless steel boilers. Is there a filter for it?

    New to the Brita range is the Brita C150 finest. This filter employs a buffering system to maintain water pH whilst softening water. Conventional filters can lead to acidification of water where TDH is higher. This filter overcomes this problem. We are now recommending that this filter be used wherever possible and always with machines which employ stainless steel boilers. The only limitation of this filter when compared to the C150 purity is that the finest MUST be installed vertically.""
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