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  • Caution - danger inside!

    I know a lot of us may not be as qualified as sparkles, but aren't shy to be looking under the covers of various bits of appliances, and even running them and poking about while they are fired up. I do also know in some states certain rules governing appliance repair/service do vary..

    So, let's just say I 'found' this picture of a coffee pump. It's a std/oem install, and shows the insulation cooked off. The fact is, these wires would be live, even with the pump not running.

    Also, this machine was at a service centre, and the fault was not commented on (or not seen) by the service guy.

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    Click image for larger version

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    Even with machine turned off, that cap will be charged up and will make you blink twice if you unload it into your finger..

    Sharks patrol these waters.


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      That's not cooked insulation, it's mice damage.

      If the machine was in for a completely unrelated repair and the motor was buried at the bottom of the machine under the boiler or something it's reasonable that it was not noticed.


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        Oh yea, I could see the little abrasions, but didn't relate them to mice teeth.
        My point with the service guy was that even if it's been to service, there is still things that can bite. I was not having a go at service guys or centres. Impossible to match the knowledge they have from playing with machines full time.


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          If the pump was de-energised the capacitor would have discharged already just after the power turned off.

          I had a fault on a customer's machine control panel a few months back I had to find. A breaker kept tripping but what it was feeding seemed fine. I started tracing the cable out of the control panel to find similar damage to yours, but on a multicote cable. One rat had chewed down to the copper on active and earth, then the same rat or his mate pissed on it so it tripped the RCD.