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    What filter system is everyone using in their La Marzocco machines? Looking at either La Marzocco RO Osmo, BWT bestaqua RO or non RO BWT Bestprotect V filter.

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    Most importantly, where are you and what's the water like?


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      I have done the water quality test and put it in the La Marzocco online calculator and it says I need to use RO. In Qld, have not so great water, mainly high in chloride. I have the BWT Pro Ro and can't get a TDS reading of higher than 30 with the Bestcoffee 100 remin cartridge. I reverted back to the Bestprotect v filter and ditched the RO but I am wanting to use RO when I hook my new machine up. Looking for an alternative.


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        We recommend BWT products and use them with all of our customers. You could contact them BWT Australia - Water Filter Services and ask their opinion as John and his team are very service oriented.